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We Make Applying Lashes Quick & Easy

Elegant Magnetic Lash Styles, Long-Lasting Magnetic Liner, Reusable, Vegan, Cruelty-Free

Easy To Apply & Remove

Say goodbye to glue! Just 2 steps to apply your lashes effortlessly. Our vegan, cruelty-free lashes are made to be reused so you don't have to buy disposable lashes!

Elegant Lash Styles

Tired of seeing lashes that are just TOO much? We don't want our lashes touching our eyebrows... which is why we designed the classiest styles for all eye shapes.

Long Lasting

Our magnetic liners keep your lashes on day to night. No need to scrub your eyes sore- our formula is easily removed with warm water and facial cleanser!

NEW Magnetic Technology. Goodbye lash glue!

Introducing our Magnetic Lashes & Liner Kits. Our lashes are designed with magnetic technology to make application & removal effortless. Say goodbye to sticky adhesive and smudged liner!

Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Strong Hold

Our lashes are made with 6 strong hold magnets on each lash, and premium synthetic silk fibers. No minks were harmed in the making of our lashes! These lashes can be perfectly trimmed to fit any eye shape.

Convenient & Reusable Set For On-The-Go

We know you have no time to mess with glue or long lash appointments. Our convenient sets get you lined and lashed within minutes! Plus, it's just such a gorgeous box for storing your lashes so you can reuse them up to 30 times!


Yes I would [definitely] recommend this product it’s so easy to use, I was never able to put false eyelashes on due to the glue, and this can also be used multiple times (the lashes). There are also helpful tips and tricks video in terms of trimming the eyelashes and putting them on [@shopfinesselashes]. This was also delivered within 2-3 days of ordering my lashes. Overall it’s an amazing product to purchase

Pragya S.

Love the Finesse lashes! As someone who is new to makeup, I've never learned how to use the traditional glued lashes. These lashes were so easy to put on and looked really wispy and natural. The first time I wore them, they popped right on. Worth every penny and I definitely recommend!!

Kathy W.

As someone who has tried lash extensions in the past, I must say these are much less time consuming and a lot more affordable. I never tried the lashes that required glue because I didn't particularly like the idea of having glue around my eyes, so these were a happy medium! I also liked that I didn't need to have a specific type of makeup remover to take off the liner either! Would recommend for anyone looking for convenience without compromising aesthetics.

Nikki S.

I wear lashes very often but I'm so over the whole glue process. I am very impressed with Finesse Lashes. I've worn them through out my flight from Toronto to Calgary, in the cold and snow, from morning to night, and these lashes stayed on with no problems! I used eyeshadow primer with two coats of the magnetic eyeliner and the lashes stuck on with no detachment. I am a believer in magnetic lashes now!

Susian L.

From the packaging to the quality of the lashes, everything is brilliant! She’s made the beauty and glam of applying false lashes one step easier!

Hailey P.

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